Friday, October 5, 2012

Peking Duk

For this Friday's post I'll keep it short and sweet so you guys can go on your merry way for the weekend.  And!  Since we're on the topic of weekends, I think it's a fair assumption to say that everyone has heard/danced/partied to the worldwide hit "We No Speak Americano".  At least I know when I was studying abroad I couldn't enter a bar or club without hearing it three or more times.  I can thank DCUP and Yolanda Be Cool for that, the makers of the dance wonder.  Well now Peking Duk, who I've written about prior, has done a remix of DCUP's new song "I'm Corrupt".  This follows a series of remixes that Peking Duk has completed, and is one that will surely get your Friday moving.  Go ahead and stream it below, then check out SoundCloud for more offerings.

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