Monday, October 8, 2012

Melt Mountain

From the very start with the release of The Midget Party EP in March of 2011, the Greek band Melt Mountain has hovered atop a three-way intersection of psychedelic, dream, and ambient pop.  Rarely flexing the vocal cords, Melt Mountain depends on an intriguing mix of instrumental samples and loops to manufacture dreamy, sometimes trippy, and experimental tracks. And so far, that's all we've gotten a taste of; tracks. The group has yet to release an LP, instead putting out a steady stream of singles and EPs. Their newest release, the "Blossom Dream/Painted Root" single which came out today, is no different.  Both songs fit in perfectly with Melt Mountain's previous work, yet attack at different angles, setting the new single as a prime example of their diversified and exciting portfolio.  The base of "Blossom Dream" is comprised of a beach-like guitar loop, a sedated riff that could appear in a '70s surf video.  Backed by spacious "ooos" and "ahhhs", "Blossom Dream" presents Melt Mountain's breezy, laid-back nature.  "Painted Root" is clearly the psychedelic and experimental counterpart, sounding a little darker and utilizing cloudy synths that come across as more drug-induced. There is no indication of whether these songs will go towards a new album, but they're well worth the listen regardless.  I've posted everything below for your listening pleasure, and if you like what you hear head over to Bandcamp for more offerings of their older material (there is a SoundCloud, although with a limited collection).  Facebook and Twitter are provided as social media.  Enjoy!

 Melt Mountain - Blossom Dream by Melt Mountain

 Melt Mountain - Painted Root by Melt Mountain

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