Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Tree

Around this time last year, Big Tree was preparing to release their sophomore LP This New Year complete with the addition of a new vocalist and drummer.  Adding the two brought the band count to 5, which made their move out west more of a commitment.  Drawn to the allure of northern California, the group ditched their Brooklyn lives believing that the move westward was necessary for the evolution of the band.  A year later, and here we sit awaiting the release of their new Little EP (due November 16th), a work Big Tree claims pays homage to how California re-directed and re-inspired their sound.  To get into even more detail, the concepts that make up the lead single "Time" are extracted from "the band's altered perception of time on the road", as well as the nostalgia associated with relocating and the excitement of the unknown.  Beautifully voiced by Kaila McIntyre-Bader, "Time" is an amiable and breezy indie pop jam with slick guitars and catchy melodies, making Little an EP to get excited about.  Check out "Time" below, with a download available at SoundCloud.  There is also more to look at in their Facebook and Twitter pages.  Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

 Time by BigTree

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