Thursday, October 11, 2012


Since the band's beginning, NO CEREMONY/// has been somewhat of a mysterious entity.  Coming to prominence in late 2011, the group released a series of original tracks and remixes online that won major approval in the eyes of the blogosphere.  Diplo and Ellie Goulding even delivered their praise.  At this point no one had any idea who the band members were, and it didn't help that they had never performed live. NO CEREMONY/// let people wallow in their curiosity until May 18th this year when they finally performed live for the first time.  They haven't slowed down, playing alongside the likes of Alt-J and earning slot times at music festivals spread out over Europe.  The momentum is continuing with the release of their new single, "FEELSOLOW".  The track is an electronic piece that rewards frequent listens; at first glance we're led to believe it's a sappy electro-piano ballad with altered reworked vocals reminiscent of James Blake, except the song proves to be different.  We're treated to a slow build-up of layers, including a more pronounced drum beat as time goes on.  Halfway through the song though, the floodgates open and we're bombarded with a wash of synths, keyboards, and other electronic assemblies.  If the whole track was like its second half, it may have even been considered dance music. It's an intriguing piece, and is one that has a strange allure to it.  I've posted the music video below for your viewing pleasure with a free SoundCloud download under that if your heart desires it.  To enter further into their mystical world, take a visit to their homepage.

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