Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mt. Wolf

If there were a better word to describe the London quartet Mt. Wolf than 'ethereal', I would use it.  But alas, such a descriptor is non-existent; with gossamer vocals, angelic harmonies, sweeping strings, and deep bass embedded in the music they make, how could there possibly be a more perfect adjective?  The evidence gathered for this conclusion comes from their Life Size Ghosts EP, a 4-song assemblage that exhibits all of Mt. Wolf's heavenly qualities.  The term that they've come to describe it as is "dreamfolk", which just so happens to fit them ideally.  One element to Life Size Ghosts that surprised me were the pronounced beats that appeared out of no where in some of the songs.  In one full swoop they're able to turn a dreamy wash into what sounds like a soulful downtempo track, perhaps along the lines of a darker How to Dress Well.  Either way, Life Size Ghosts is well worth a listen for curious ears, and the good news is that it is streaming over at SoundCloud now, so be sure to have a gander at it.  For more information you can visit the band's Twitter or Facebook.  Below is "Cry Wolf", which comes directly off the EP.

 Cry Wolf by Mt. Wolf

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