Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beach Fossils

Don't you love it when your day gets off on the right foot?  I woke up today, quite unenthusiastically, expecting a day full of bullshit classes when all of a sudden I found out that Beach Fossils had announced a new album and single.  In one full swoop my day became much, much better.  With bassist John Pena involved in his solo act Heavenly Beat and lead guitarist Zachary Cole Smith doing his DIIV shindig the past year, I wasn't sure when this was going to happen.  Alas, the answer is here now; Clash the Truth will be released on February 19th, 2013 via the always brilliant Captured Tracks.  Along with the announcement they have also released the first single from the forthcoming LP entitled "Careless".  It's instantly recognizable as a Beach Fossils brainchild, utilizing carefree guitar riffs that glisten with every pluck.  The track is also drenched with lush atmospheres, indicating that we might see a bit of a divergence from their past work. Have a listen below, and then pick up your gift of a free download here.  Snag it while you can!

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