Thursday, December 13, 2012


Drawing inspiration from bands like Tears For Fears, The Church, and Orange Juice, it didn't take much for me to imagine what kind of sound the Brooklyn band Hints were trying to go for. What I wasn't expecting was how well they were going to go about it.  Hints, a four-man group, is pretty new to the scene, having just released their first single Vol. 1 on November 20th. Despite this, the band has already displayed a wonderful sense of craftsmanship; they sound confident and self-assured about the style they're trying to achieve, putting out two songs that are consistent in the jangly, bass-heavy, upbeat new wave genre that dominated the '80s.  The first track on the single, "Ritual", even includes a wonderfully constructed guitar solo that sets up "Built a Church" quite fashionably.  The great thing about Vol. 1, though, is that it's not a exact replica of what you would expect from the era they're indebted to.  Hints are not about the overdone synths, the cheesy dream effects, or the corny lyrics, for at the base of it all they're a fantastic rock band as well, extending a welcoming hand even to those who may be turned off from the '80s no matter what the cost.  Check out "Ritual" and "Built a Church" below, and then head over to their Bandcamp to snag a free download.  For more info you can jump on over to Twitter or have a visit to their homepage.  Enjoy!

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  1. I just can't get enough of this independent band! Just too damn good. Love it..