Monday, December 10, 2012


Stumbleine has been around for a while, dishing out beautiful atmospheric dream beats at a high rate since 2010.  Whether it be a single, EP, or full-length LP, Stumbleine has dominated the front page of Bandcamp's chillwave tag, partly due to the incredibly expedient distribution of material.  There has been so much, in fact, that a large majority of prior output has been removed from the internet, and yet there still remains an adequate pool to experiment with and listen to.  While I have not followed Stumbleine voraciously throughout this time, I must say that this year's new album, Spiderwebbed, is the most-developed and cohesive that I've heard so far.  I had always liked Stumbleine, but over time I began to feel he had fallen into a repeating run-of-the-mill chillwave sound, a common problem within the genre.  Spiderwebbed proves me wrong, putting my money where my mouth is; from start to finish we're treated to an inescapable dream-filled landscape of swirling electronics, the main element being the swirling, spacious synths that soar to striking heights.  Each track delivers its own charm, switching tempos and alternating tones, to give a remarkable listening experience.  He has also added subtle accents of dub beats, which have really paid off, presenting Spiderwebbed with a unique flare.  Enough of me, to actually listen to or buy the album take a visit to Bandcamp, and then head over to Facebook to show some love.  For a sneak peak I've posted three of my favorites below; "If You", "The Corner Of Her Eye", and "Kaleidoscope".  Enjoy!

If YouThe Corner Of Her EyeKaleidoscope

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