Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Over the past couple of the weeks I've begun to realize that New York City's disco-infused group THAT WORK is one of the metro's best kept secrets.  Having only released three songs without an EP or album to their name, the band appears to be hidden with only 228 followers on SoundCloud and 390 likes of Facebook.  I am sure those numbers are going to skyrocket in the upcoming months, for these guys are just too good for them not to.  Their most recent song, "Act Like You Know", carries a synthy flare much in the same light as Holy Ghost!  When stripped to the bone, THAT WORK's material is indebted to older disco influences yet also finds ways to incorporate sounds that are much more relatable to the modern era.  "Act Like You Know" continues this pattern, coming across as an edgy, cutting jam that leaves the perfect amount of room for a dancing option. I've posted their new song "Act Like You Know" below, along with an older track entitled "Secret Lover".  Check out their SoundCloud for other songs and remixes, and then hit up Facebook for any extra info.  Enjoy!

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