Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Animal

Today I was introduced to the Atlanta-based duo New Animal, and while I might be a tad tardy on this one it's better late than never, right? The band consists of members Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette, two dudes who have been buddies since their middle school days.  Despite all the years, they didn't collaborate musically until 2010, after which they put together three releases over the course of a year, including a self-titled debut.  The range in their songwriting is impressive, touching upon a multitude of genres and writing styles including kraut rock, lo-fi, and electronic expressions.  What caught my eye, though, was their most recent single "Falling Up", which came late this summer.  If this is the culmination of everything they've done then I can't wait to hear what comes next.  In an atmospheric haze of psychedelic pop, "Falling Up" is an emotional reflection on "the ability to let go", an idea that is captured using somber tones mixed with a high-pitched, brooding vocal track. Check it out below, then hit up their homepage or Facebook if you want to learn more. Spinner is offering a free download if you choose to use it.

 New Animal - Falling Up by Old Flame Records

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