Monday, December 3, 2012

Hazy Mountains

Around a month ago I posted on the then new single, "New Wings", that was released as a compilation of Villa Kang and Hazy Mountains.  I had known about Villa Kang for quite some time prior as I had covered him on previous instances, but Hazy Mountains was a relatively new name to me.  I went to do a little investigative work and ended up downloading his second EP, Lapis Lazuli.  The days following this have been wonderful, and exploring his music has become quite a treat.  What really put me over the edge in helping me realize this was the last track "Window Vision", which I first heard while blasting in my car on a late night drive.  To fully appreciate this song, and much of his others, you've got to listen start to finish.  "Window Vision" is a perfect example of the never-ending sprawl Hazy Mountains tries to achieve, using soaring synths to set aside an expanse of dreamy spaces.  The wait, the growth, the's all worthwhile.  Have a listen to "Window Vision" below, then be sure to head over to Bandcamp to grab it.  There, he is also offering a new album called Breeze, something I'll most definitely be checking out in the future.

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