Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Potpourri of Pearls

Philadelphia's dance pop band Potpourri of Pearls writes the kind of music that makes your ears perk up.  Soaked with influences of disco and '80s-era synth pop, Potpourri of Pearls has a quirky style that is unusual in just about every aspect. Their debut album Why does Coco cry?, which came out in late November, will keep you guessing around every track.  Part of the reason for this is that their music contains dozens of elements and goes through a multitude of changes.  Just listen to "Shadow on My Shoulder"; at times the song seems void of sound, almost coming across as no-wave, while at other moments it's entrapped in a haze of atmospheric synths.  Sometimes it's a mix of both. At the very least I've got to give credit to them for experimenting, they've certainly created a unique, and oddly catchy, world within their album.  To get a hold of Why does Coco cry? you can head over to their Bandcamp.  You can also take a visit to their SoundCloudTwitterFacebook for more.  While you're doing that, take a listen to "Diamond Harbor" and "Shadow on My Shoulder" below.

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