Wednesday, December 19, 2012


EIMIC is a little tough to figure out; the band is currently located in Moscow, and as such a majority of their information is in Russian.  I can't speak the language, and I sure can't read it, so finding out about them is a little more difficult than usual.  With this in mind, here's what I am able to tell you: the group contains three members, they've released two LPs in the past (4 and Automatic Movements), and they've recently released a new song called "Illusion". Judging from their photos, it also seems like they've been around the block a few times, having already garnered a pretty steady following.  Their pictures display large, elaborate light shows complete with backdrops dedicated to their name, and seem to show that they've played in festivals that have attracted nice volumes of people.  I could see "Illusion" fitting that mold very well, for the sound is massive and ambitious.  Using some electronics to help their point, EIMIC (which stands for Everything Is Made In China) is able to create an arena-filling, atmospheric rock ballad that is driven home with distorted, fuzzy guitar licks.  Put on some nice headphones and you're in for an experience!  I've posted "Illusion" below, including the psychedelic music video if you're interested.  Afterward, check out more of their stuff on SoundCloud, with more info coming at you from TwitterFacebook, and their homepage.  Happy deciphering!

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